MARTY! • Episode 16 • ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’

WE’RE BACK! After almost a year, Mike & Rus have recorded a new episode of MARTY! Apologies for the delay, and apologies if you can hear the katydids outside the window of Mike’s childhood bedroom; he recorded from upstate New York where he’s helping out his parents for a few weeks. Such a good son, that Mikey.

Before listening to this episode, we highly recommend you watch the movie being discussed, Safety Not Guaranteed, starring Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, and Karan Soni. You’ll thank us.

Oscars Special 2: Podcave Boogaloo

Just in time for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony (we hope), Chris and Chris head back into the for a brand-new ep. The guys put last year’s winner, Mark Rylance, on notice and discuss the possibility of a Nikola Tesla biopic titled, “Electric Magic.” They’ll let you know who’s hosting, who’s nominated, and maybe – if you’re lucky – who they think should win and who will win each of the major categories. Any way you slice it, we ALL lose!

Crowdfinders 53 Erin Berry

The X-files inspired photo-comic “majic” is here! Sign up at for a free copy or check it out on Instagram @majic_comic. In honour of this auspicious occasion I talk to filmmaker Erin Berry, my co-creator on this project, about the hows and whys of producing a photocomic.

In honour of this auspicious occasion, Dave talks to filmmaker Erin Berry, his friend and co-creator01aamajic100, about the hows and whys of producing a photo-comic.

Erin Berry IMDB

Felipe Rodriguez IMDB (majic cinematographer)

Erin Berry Death Reel

Omar’s Comin’ Supercut (Just the Omar scenes from HBO’s “The Wire”)

Thank You for Doing This • Election Day Distraction

boomWell, the planets have aligned, the prophecy has come to pass, and here we are on the brink of armageddon. So if it’s all going to hell, why not spend some time NOT thinking about the election and instead strap yourself into to veritable smorgasbord of discussion with Pat and Chris. From the World Series to the NFL and from Westworld to John Wick, Wolverine, and Rogue One, the guys catch up on the past few weeks and look ahead to life after Election 2016.

Thank You for Doing This • What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

mikeTwo in a row? You’re damn right! After last week’s NFL jock-sniffing extravaganza, Pat and Chris regroup to talk about all the stu….well, at least some of the stuff they watched or read over the past few months, including the 2016 Rio Olympics and the slightly-deniably amazing Michael Phelps, the Emmys, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, Moby Dick (yeah, you read that right), and Game of Thrones. It will be quite painful….FOR YOU!

The Podcave • Episode 2 • Chris v Chris: Podcave of Justice

ccChris and Chris are back! Following hot on the heels of their Oscars preview/wrap-up, the guys get to have the last words on the latest film offering from DC, including the irrelevance of Lois Lane, the questionable directional choices of Zach Snyder, and how to do a post-credit sequence the right way. That leads them directly into Marvel Universe territory, where Chris (listen to find out which one!) suggests that DC could learn a thing or two from its competitor. It’s a dirty bomb of Kryptonite thrown right into DC’s face!

MARTY! • Episode 12 • ‘Run Lola Run’

Screenshot 2016-02-03 15.34.28Mike & Rus finally sat down again for another episode of MARTY! This time around they discuss the excellent 1998 film from Germany, Run Lola Run (originally Lola Rennt in Germany) starring Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity, Heaven). Mike doesn’t think it qualifies as a time-travel story, but Rus does his best to make the case that it does qualify. Let us know what you think. Spoilers and tangents abound! And be sure to follow us now on Twitter: @MARTYpodcast!

Thank You for Doing This • There Has Been an Awakening

We’reep20 back from the holidays to talk about the only thing anyone’s been talking about these days…Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Chris and Pat talk about the many pros, the (very few) cons, and theories on some of the film’s open questions, like: how did Adam Driver’s hair get SO beautiful? Then, the guys look back at the NFL regular season and their miserable picks, confirming that they – in no way, shape, or form – should be taken seriously when it comes to sports…And then they pick the winners of this week’s first-round playoff match-ups! All of that and more on the 20th(!) episode of Thank You For Doing This!

Crowdfinders • Episode 42 • Kelly Bender

StarburnDavid was so happy to talk to Kelly Bender, an indie inspiration who is living the dream (which, in the indie world means GRINDING every day, pushing the rock and actually seeing it move)!

They talk process, team building, and how he gets it done. Not to be missed.

Be sure to shout out to Kelly on the Twitter if you want to tell him how much you love him… @KellyBender17

Thank You for Doing This • Inspired By True Events

nickPat and Chris get into the holiday spirit with a little chat about the finer points of yule log-related marketing, featuring one of their faves, Nick Offerman. Then, they discuss Carrie Fisher’s unhinged (and unsettling) interview with Good Morning America to promote the upcoming Star Wars film. (We swear we’ll only talk about Star Wars 150 more times). Finally, they wrap up with two of their most anticipated films of the month, In the Heart of the Sea, and The Revenant. This podcast was inspired by true events.