Thank You For Doing This • “Circling Back” to the NFL: Midseason Grades

texIt’s that time of year again: the mid-way point of the NFL season! In this episode, Chris and Pat review their pre-season picks for division winners and the Super Bowl and judge each other accordingly. We talk injuries, crap teams, good teams, and the plights of the Giants and the Dolphins (both near and dear to our hearts). The guys then rattle off their Top 5 Imaginary Expansion teams (for when Pat commits sports sacrilege and ditches his team). Then, just when you think it’s over, we get a taste of that Christmas creep when Pat calls out Chris for his views and opinions on Die Hard. Yippee kai yay!

Thank You for Doing This • Kurt Russell, Quentin Tarantino, and More Recs

kurtThank You For Doing This! is back with an exploration of the life and times of an American cinematic hero: Mr. Kurt Russell. Chris and Pat talk about the Big Trouble in Little China reboot, their favorites from the Russell film catalogue (Snake Plissken sighting!), and the upcoming film he’s doing with Quentin Tarantino, The Hateful Eight. !SEGUE ALERT! The guys talk about the Tarantino films that worked, the ones that didn’t, and what the hell is up with 70mm film anyway? Throw in a little hodgepodge of recommendations (Pat kinda takes Chris to school), and you’ve got yourself a hot steaming pile of TYFDT!

Thank You for Doing This • Star Wars, Mr. Robot…and a little spice…

chewieChris and Pat can barely keep themselves together, which can only mean one thing: the new Star Wars trailer is out! They break down what they saw, discuss the finer points of Death Star propulsion, and wonder how Chewie keeps from going gray. Then, in this week’s edition of “Chris’s Recommendations“, the guys gush about the USA TV show, Mr. Robot, which aired earlier this year and has them asking, “Do you go around and look up all the hackers’ skirts?” (You’ll get the reference.) Finally, after a little segue into The Martian, Chris and Pat once again have it out (sort of). As Coach Lou Brown would say, “That’s called a streak. It HAS happened before.”

Thank You for Doing This • J.J. Watt, Top 5 Monologues, and a Fight!

jjThings get HEATED on this week’s episode. After breaking down whatever is going on with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt’s sub-par performance so far, Chris and Pat tackle (see what we did there?) their Top 5 Movie Monologues. We think you’ll find that they’re riveting, electric, engrossing, and all sorts of other over-used superlatives. Then finally, the guys air out their grievances over…something. They’re not sure, but everything seems to work out in the end… OR DOES IT?!

Thank You for Doing This • The Leftovers, Lost & Lindelof

leftoverIt’s a television frenzy! In this week’s ep, Chris and Pat dissect the Season 2 premiere of HBO’s The Leftovers and realize that they have no idea what they’re watching. The discussion gets heated when Pat decides to crap on Lost – again and the guys talk about whether or not they can trust showrunner Damon Lindelof anymore. All that, plus quick hits on Fear the Walking Dead, Blunt Talk, Mr. Robot, and more!

Thank You for Doing This • Emmys and Beers

emmysWhat’s that?! An escapee from Awards Season? That’s right! The Emmys just happened, and Chris and Pat dive headfirst into the major categories’ winners and losers. Pat gets tested on how much TV he actually watches (spoiler alert: not a lot of the nominated shows), and Chris judges him accordingly. Then, in News That May Be Interesting to Only Us, the boys unpack the potential merger of AB InBev and SABMiller, the world’s two largest breweries, and ask the important questions, like, “How do they get Natty Light to taste so shitty?” All that and more on this week’s first un-numbered episode!

Thank You for Doing This • Episode 10

lionThey said it couldn’t be done.  Episode 10 of Thank You for Doing This! is here!  In this edition, Chris and Pat recap Week 1 of the NFL and throw agendas to the wind (due to having any available) and ride the tangent bus to freedom!  Topics covered include, Sportsman Automobile Graphics, the Steve Weatherford Vegan Diet, Dentists that enjoy hunting lions, people who hate those aforementioned Dentists, Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, and the upcoming movie starring Matt Damon called The Martian!  Buckle up my friends, cuz it gets crazy!

Thank You for Doing This • Episode 9

nflThe 2015 NFL season is upon us, so Chris and Pat strap on the pads with this very special 9th episode of Thank You For Doing This!  Join us as we breakdown every division in the NFL, predict their winners, and tell you which two teams will meet in the Super Bowl in February!  We then move on to our favorite segment, and give you the Top 5 Spin-off Television Shows we want to see made!

This episode is 99% Bane free.


Thank You for Doing This • Episode 8

feartwdEpisode 8 of the Thank You For Doing This! podcast is here!  In this installment Chris and Pat dive into the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead and give their thoughts on the zombie infection as it relates to cinema and television.  Then we move to our On The Spot segment where Chris completely blindsides Pat… is he up to the challenge?  You’ll have to listen to find out!


Thank You for Doing This • Episode 7

bane Thank You For Doing This! comes at you hard and fast in our 7th episode!  Jam-packed with goodness, Chris and Pat breakdown the last two episodes of HBO’s Hard Knocks while channeling their inner-Bane, return to one of their favorite segments with a discussion on their Top Five Movie Deaths and wrap it up with our best Beers of the Week.

And some more Bane.