MARTY! • Episode 12 • ‘Run Lola Run’

Screenshot 2016-02-03 15.34.28Mike & Rus finally sat down again for another episode of MARTY! This time around they discuss the excellent 1998 film from Germany, Run Lola Run (originally Lola Rennt in Germany) starring Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity, Heaven). Mike doesn’t think it qualifies as a time-travel story, but Rus does his best to make the case that it does qualify. Let us know what you think. Spoilers and tangents abound! And be sure to follow us now on Twitter: @MARTYpodcast!

Thank You for Doing This • A Double-Dose of Top Fives!

handChris and Pat triumphantly return (once again) to tackle two incredibly important Top Five topics…Hot on the heels of the Suicide Squad trailer, the guys muse over the size of the shoes that Jared Leto has to fill as the Joker. This served as the catalyst to discuss who should be next in line to perform another iconic comic book hero: Wolverine. Then, in Part 2 (buckle up, it’s a long one), Chris and Pat take turns guessing the plots of TV shows they have never heard of. Trust us, our versions are WAY better.

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 42

cannonUp Late With Rus & Pat returns to mourn the recent rash of celebrity deaths, and take a few moments to remember what made them great.

We then move on to discuss the documentary, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films.  A fantastic, deep dive into a company that created scores of movies that have touched our lives… and maybe some other places as well.  We finish up with a great discussion on gratuitous nudity and aerobics in space.

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Thank You for Doing This • Making a Podcaster

steve_averyOn this week’s angsty episode, Chris and Pat dive into the cultural phenomenon of Netflix’s new docu-series, Making a Murderer. After lengthy discussions on the ignorance of Wisconsin’s law enforcement, Pat does everyone a favor and straight-up solves the crime, while Chris ponders the cultural impact of true crime entertainment in the wake of MaM’s sister shows, Serial and The Jinx. Also, FOOTBALL! (Skip ahead roughly 15 minutes if you don’t want to hear Pat gloat about how he went 4-for-4 last week in his picks).

Thank You for Doing This • There Has Been an Awakening

We’reep20 back from the holidays to talk about the only thing anyone’s been talking about these days…Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Chris and Pat talk about the many pros, the (very few) cons, and theories on some of the film’s open questions, like: how did Adam Driver’s hair get SO beautiful? Then, the guys look back at the NFL regular season and their miserable picks, confirming that they – in no way, shape, or form – should be taken seriously when it comes to sports…And then they pick the winners of this week’s first-round playoff match-ups! All of that and more on the 20th(!) episode of Thank You For Doing This!

MARTY! • Episode 11 • Disney’s ‘The Kid’

the-kidMike & Rus finally sat down to discuss Disney’s The Kid, a feel-good film about Russ Duritz (Bruce Willis), a grumpy, lonely man who’s about to turn 40, who is visited by his younger self, Rusty (Spencer Breslin), who’s about to turn 8. No time machine needed in this story, just good old-fashioned magic! This is one of Rus’s favorite movies, and not just because the main characters share his name (or because of the lovely Emily Mortimer or the consumate Lily Tomlin). Why? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out.

And if you haven’t seen the movie, watch it first, then listen to our podcast (as usual, duh). And check out the DVD commentary with director Jon Turtletaub and star Spencer Breslin (age 8), one of the best commentary tracks there is (according to Rus). The Kid was written by Audrey Wells (Under the Tuscan Sun, Shall We Dance).

Thank You for Doing This • It’s the TYFDT Bowl!

xmenThe moment we’ve been waiting for all season has finally arrived. The Dolphins and the Giants play each other on Monday Night Football, and Pat and Chris discuss the crappy seasons both teams are having. Feel the apathy! Then, the guys discuss two of the latest movie trailers that dropped in the past week, Independence Day: Resurgence and X-Men: Apocalypse. Finally, Pat demands to know why Chris is less than whelmed by America’s Girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence.

Thank You for Doing This • Inspired By True Events

nickPat and Chris get into the holiday spirit with a little chat about the finer points of yule log-related marketing, featuring one of their faves, Nick Offerman. Then, they discuss Carrie Fisher’s unhinged (and unsettling) interview with Good Morning America to promote the upcoming Star Wars film. (We swear we’ll only talk about Star Wars 150 more times). Finally, they wrap up with two of their most anticipated films of the month, In the Heart of the Sea, and The Revenant. This podcast was inspired by true events.

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 41

starwarsUp Late With Rus & Pat is back (already, can you believe it?), and we’ve still not learned when to shut the hell up!

We ramble, rant, and rave for nearly another two hours about Princess Bride, shitty drum-playing neighbors, the pros & cons of clenching your butt-cheeks during a spanking, Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek, J.J. Abrams, George Lucas, Hayden Christensen, Rambo prequels, and whole metric shit-ton more!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!*

*Just in case we are lazy asses and don’t make another ‘cast till 2016!

MARTY! • Episode 10 • Terminator!

MARTY! Ep 10 • Terminator

MARTY is back! For our 10th episode, we tackle the entire Terminator series! Find out how we rank the films from best to worst, and what we think is going on in the convoluted tapestry that is Terminator, T2, Terminator 3, Terminator: Salvation, and Terminator: GenysisWe don’t discuss the television series The Sarah Conner Chronicles, mainly because we haven’t seen it, but also because this episode runs almost 2 hours as it is. Rus has mic issues (not Mike issues), so he sounds a bit like he’s in a tin can, but this will still be a fun episode for any time travel geek or Terminator fan.