Thank You for Doing This • The Verdict is In

itoAfter 10 weeks of drama, Pat and Chris finally discuss the conclusion of FX’s The People vs. OJ Simpson (we definitely spoil the ending). Before that, though, Chris talks about his experience seeing the defense attorneys from Making a Murderer that could have used a little more production value. Throw in some beer talk, some Backdraft talk, and – as always – a lot of Bane talk, and you’ve got yourselves a steaming new pile of Thank You for Doing This!

Thank You for Doing This • The Hateful Revenant

revIn this week’s episode, Pat and Chris discuss two films they were really excited about and were subsequently let down by: The Revenant and The Hateful Eight. In short: don’t believe the hype! Before that, though, the guys catch up on the gloriously beautiful trainwreck that is The People vs. OJ Simpson. Additional subtitles for today’s episode are: Movies You Don’t Need to See, and How You Shouldn’t Spend 5.5 Hours of Your Life.

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Thank You for Doing This • The Juice is Loose

ojThe People vs. OJ Simpson is finally here! Pat and Chris dive in to the premiere of FX’s new drama about one of the most famous US court cases featuring former stars of The Naked Gun movies (they never did catch Leslie Nielsen….). From David Schwimmer’s curious casting to John Travolta’s curious everything, the guys dissect the show, the case, their expectations, and maybe even try on some gloves of their own (whatever that means).

Thank You for Doing This • Making a Podcaster

steve_averyOn this week’s angsty episode, Chris and Pat dive into the cultural phenomenon of Netflix’s new docu-series, Making a Murderer. After lengthy discussions on the ignorance of Wisconsin’s law enforcement, Pat does everyone a favor and straight-up solves the crime, while Chris ponders the cultural impact of true crime entertainment in the wake of MaM’s sister shows, Serial and The Jinx. Also, FOOTBALL! (Skip ahead roughly 15 minutes if you don’t want to hear Pat gloat about how he went 4-for-4 last week in his picks).