Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 47

Rus & Pat are back after a year long layoff! The boys rekindle their love of comics, movies, all things geek, and of course, each other.  Sit back for an hour of classic Rus & Pat tangents that explore Golden and Silver Age Batman, CreateSpace, Comixology, Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryBill Finger, Neil Gaiman, letterers that are trying to assassinate Rus, current projects, and so much more!




Thank You for Doing This • What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

mikeTwo in a row? You’re damn right! After last week’s NFL jock-sniffing extravaganza, Pat and Chris regroup to talk about all the stu….well, at least some of the stuff they watched or read over the past few months, including the 2016 Rio Olympics and the slightly-deniably amazing Michael Phelps, the Emmys, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, Moby Dick (yeah, you read that right), and Game of Thrones. It will be quite painful….FOR YOU!

Thank You for Doing This • It’s the TYFDT Bowl!

xmenThe moment we’ve been waiting for all season has finally arrived. The Dolphins and the Giants play each other on Monday Night Football, and Pat and Chris discuss the crappy seasons both teams are having. Feel the apathy! Then, the guys discuss two of the latest movie trailers that dropped in the past week, Independence Day: Resurgence and X-Men: Apocalypse. Finally, Pat demands to know why Chris is less than whelmed by America’s Girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence.

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 41

starwarsUp Late With Rus & Pat is back (already, can you believe it?), and we’ve still not learned when to shut the hell up!

We ramble, rant, and rave for nearly another two hours about Princess Bride, shitty drum-playing neighbors, the pros & cons of clenching your butt-cheeks during a spanking, Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek, J.J. Abrams, George Lucas, Hayden Christensen, Rambo prequels, and whole metric shit-ton more!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!*

*Just in case we are lazy asses and don’t make another ‘cast till 2016!

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 39

USS_Enterprise-D_assaulted_by_a_Borg_cubeTrekkies & Trekkers rejoice! Rus & Pat are back and excited about the recently announced Star Trek television revival! It’s not all Romulan Ale and Earl Grey tea, however, and we have a few reservations about CBS’s plans. So what if we get confused about the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E — our Trek-cred shall not be denied!

We keep this episode under an hour, so we bet you 10 bars of gold-pressed latinum that you can make it through in one sitting.

Thank You for Doing This • Star Wars, Mr. Robot…and a little spice…

chewieChris and Pat can barely keep themselves together, which can only mean one thing: the new Star Wars trailer is out! They break down what they saw, discuss the finer points of Death Star propulsion, and wonder how Chewie keeps from going gray. Then, in this week’s edition of “Chris’s Recommendations“, the guys gush about the USA TV show, Mr. Robot, which aired earlier this year and has them asking, “Do you go around and look up all the hackers’ skirts?” (You’ll get the reference.) Finally, after a little segue into The Martian, Chris and Pat once again have it out (sort of). As Coach Lou Brown would say, “That’s called a streak. It HAS happened before.”

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 37

chrisRus and Pat are back!  After nearly a month on hiatus (due to the usual work/life issues) we begin by discussing some of the projects we’ve been working on in favor of sleep.  We move on and talk about the new documentary I Am Chris Farley and then dive into the new Star Trek fan film / pilot episode Star Trek: Renegades ! Join us for this, a boatload of tangents, and an intro that will just not stop!

Thank You for Doing This • Episode 4

arnoldWelcome back to the 4th episode of Thank You For Doing This!  Chris and Pat discuss the latest ruling from the NFL on Tom Brady’s four game suspension, then delve into what’s left of the New York Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand and career. We go back to our roots and list our Top Five Movie Weapons (you can find our faves in All-Things-Geek!), then it’s Chris’s turn to put Pat, On the Spot, with another thought-provoking question.  We finish as always with our Beers of the Week… cool, clean, crisp, and loaded with hops!


MARTY! • Episode 4

PrimerIt’s time for our 4th episode already! And this time out we focus on the low budget, 2004 indy time-travel film Primer. It’s a movie that we both liked but, as you’ll hear in our lengthy discussion, we did have issues with. Yet we vow to watch it again someday in the hopes that we’ll be less confused and enjoy it more. We ran out of time and had no Time Quandary this episode, but Mike has a good one up his sleeve for the next episode. As always, spoilers abound if you haven’t seen the movie, and we thank you for giving us your time. Be sure to check out our All-Things-Geek page for some related content.

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 33

laststarfighterNerd overload! This podcast episode is dedicated to some killer stuff that we missed because we weren’t at Comic Con, but that we did see online. Highlights include: the new trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Comic Con reel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the trailer for Deadpool, the trailer for the new Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead, and the trailer for Suicide Squad.

Pat is happy to point out that Rus is totally wrong in this episode when he says The Last Starfighter was the first film using CGI special effects — Tron beat it by 2 years — however, Rus would like to point out that The Last Starfighter was the first to use CGI to represent photo-realism, as opposed to the virtual computer world in Tron.

Phew!  Now, go put your geek-pants on! We’re geek-pants people!