MARTY! • Episode 15 • ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’

bill-and-teds-excellent-adventure-posterMike and Rus have returned! This episode was actually recorded in August, but Rus only recently got it edited up and ready for your ear-holes. The main topic this time around is one of the guys’ favorite movies, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure! 

So step into the time-traveling phone booth and prepare to put history at your fingertips, party on, and be excellent to each other!

Rus makes one of his erroneous claims about an actor again, and there’s some talk about, Robbie Rist, aka Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch (and successful voice actor and musician). Then Mike forces Rus’s hand, and Rus explains the Danny Cooksey incident, previously mentioned in the Terminator MARTY episode. Danny Cooksey was Sam on Diff’rent Strokes and Tim in Terminator 2, and like Robbie Rist, he’s had a long, successful career as a voice actor.

Thank You for Doing This • The Hateful Revenant

revIn this week’s episode, Pat and Chris discuss two films they were really excited about and were subsequently let down by: The Revenant and The Hateful Eight. In short: don’t believe the hype! Before that, though, the guys catch up on the gloriously beautiful trainwreck that is The People vs. OJ Simpson. Additional subtitles for today’s episode are: Movies You Don’t Need to See, and How You Shouldn’t Spend 5.5 Hours of Your Life.

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Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 42

cannonUp Late With Rus & Pat returns to mourn the recent rash of celebrity deaths, and take a few moments to remember what made them great.

We then move on to discuss the documentary, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films.  A fantastic, deep dive into a company that created scores of movies that have touched our lives… and maybe some other places as well.  We finish up with a great discussion on gratuitous nudity and aerobics in space.

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Thank You for Doing This • Star Wars, Mr. Robot…and a little spice…

chewieChris and Pat can barely keep themselves together, which can only mean one thing: the new Star Wars trailer is out! They break down what they saw, discuss the finer points of Death Star propulsion, and wonder how Chewie keeps from going gray. Then, in this week’s edition of “Chris’s Recommendations“, the guys gush about the USA TV show, Mr. Robot, which aired earlier this year and has them asking, “Do you go around and look up all the hackers’ skirts?” (You’ll get the reference.) Finally, after a little segue into The Martian, Chris and Pat once again have it out (sort of). As Coach Lou Brown would say, “That’s called a streak. It HAS happened before.”

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 33

laststarfighterNerd overload! This podcast episode is dedicated to some killer stuff that we missed because we weren’t at Comic Con, but that we did see online. Highlights include: the new trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Comic Con reel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the trailer for Deadpool, the trailer for the new Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead, and the trailer for Suicide Squad.

Pat is happy to point out that Rus is totally wrong in this episode when he says The Last Starfighter was the first film using CGI special effects — Tron beat it by 2 years — however, Rus would like to point out that The Last Starfighter was the first to use CGI to represent photo-realism, as opposed to the virtual computer world in Tron.

Phew!  Now, go put your geek-pants on! We’re geek-pants people!

Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 20

myhairTwenty episodes! And episode 20 is a very special one indeed; we have Red Hot Rebellion’s Jim Tramontana as our guest! Jim is not only a talented musician and singer, but he’s a huge comic and sci-fi geek and a font of nerdy knowledge! We discuss Red Hot Rebellion‘s upcoming album and graphic novel The Mission, being released February 3, and the band’s album/comic release concert on January 31 in Dayton, Ohio. Jim regales us with his celebrity impressions, and we delve into some nerdy discussions on music and Star Trek before finishing off with another great impression by Jim.