MARTY! • Episode 5

downloadMike & Rus regret leap-frogging Chris & Pat like this, but The Up Late Network waits for no man… or something. This week, we dig into one of Mike’s favorite movies, the obscure 1980 time-travel film Somewhere in Time, starring the late Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. We run a little long with that (no surprise here with The Up Late Network), not helped by our rambling at the beginning of the episode (also no surprise), so we don’t have time for our Time Quandary this week, but Mike does give us a sneak peek. As usual, spoilers abound, so we encourage you to watch Somewhere in Time if you haven’t; you can rent it on Amazon or on YouTube. Check out the trailer on our All-Things-Geek page.

MARTY! • Episode 4

PrimerIt’s time for our 4th episode already! And this time out we focus on the low budget, 2004 indy time-travel film Primer. It’s a movie that we both liked but, as you’ll hear in our lengthy discussion, we did have issues with. Yet we vow to watch it again someday in the hopes that we’ll be less confused and enjoy it more. We ran out of time and had no Time Quandary this episode, but Mike has a good one up his sleeve for the next episode. As always, spoilers abound if you haven’t seen the movie, and we thank you for giving us your time. Be sure to check out our All-Things-Geek page for some related content.

MARTY! • Episode 3

RustyMike and Rus have returned for the 3rd episode in 3 weeks! Recorded on the 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of Back to the Future last week, we briefly discussed our love for that movie and for the the music from that movie, including the #1 hit by Huey Lewis & the News, “The Power of Love”, but our main topic this episode is the 2014 film Predestination, starring Ethan Hawke. After that, we get into Mike’s Time Quandary for this episode, and then we go on some crazy tangents and ramble a little too long — we still think you might enjoy our time together.

MARTY! • Episode 2

bg_homeMike & Rus return with another discussion about time travel, but first it’s a brief talk about baby animals! In this episode, Mike answers Rus’s Time Quandary from episode 1: “What would you do if you had a time machine but could only use it for one round trip?”. The episode wraps up with a discussion about the 2014 time travel film Project Almanac.

MARTY! • Episode 1

back_to_the_future_poster_01Up Late is expanding! This is the first of two, count ’em, two new podcasts from Rus & Pat: MARTY – Mike And Rus Time, Yeah!  Soon we’ll debut a third podcast series from Pat and his friend Chris, but today, we hope you enjoy MARTY!

MARTY is a podcast about time travel… and stuff. Tick-tock, tick-tock! Rus joins his old friend Mike Fasolo, writer on Robot Chicken and co-host of the podcast Das Process with Ahmed Best. In this first episode, you’ll learn how Mike and Rus met and became friends, hear them discuss time travel in general, the Back to the Future trilogy, and one of Mike’s favorite time travel movies, About Time.