Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 22

caughtIt’s a coming-of-age episode this time around, and while all of our podcast episodes are labeled “Explicit” in the iTunes listing, this one’s particularly NSFW as we start off with a new intro made up of geeky music and soundbites, laced with some juvenile but funny bits that your co-workers might not appreciate, but we hope you will. We then delve into the changes in availability of porn over the decades and how teenage boys have no idea how easy it is to get it now, in contrast to the way it was in the ’80s. Somewhere in there we talk a bit about the masturbatory habits of men versus those of women, proving once again that we know nothing about the human female, the strongest of the genders, but we definitely remember what it’s like to be adolescent boys. We wrap things up with Pat discussing who he’d cast in the ‘Rus & Pat’ film and why, as he dangerously rides that line between friend and stalker.

Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 20

myhairTwenty episodes! And episode 20 is a very special one indeed; we have Red Hot Rebellion’s Jim Tramontana as our guest! Jim is not only a talented musician and singer, but he’s a huge comic and sci-fi geek and a font of nerdy knowledge! We discuss Red Hot Rebellion‘s upcoming album and graphic novel The Mission, being released February 3, and the band’s album/comic release concert on January 31 in Dayton, Ohio. Jim regales us with his celebrity impressions, and we delve into some nerdy discussions on music and Star Trek before finishing off with another great impression by Jim.

Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 9

gary-colemanNumber 9 is a Very Special episode of Up Late! For better or worse. This one’s a good 90 minutes, and we travel back to the ’70s again, make our way through the ’80s with a discussion of Diff’rent Strokes, but we then jump to the future with a discussion of the cool sci-fi adventure film Snowpiercer!  Not only are the French responsible for Snowpiercer as it was originally a French comicbook, but Pat blames them for both creating Godzilla in the original film and for the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The episode wraps up with a discussion of the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead and what happened to Beth.

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