Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 47

Rus & Pat are back after a year long layoff! The boys rekindle their love of comics, movies, all things geek, and of course, each other.  Sit back for an hour of classic Rus & Pat tangents that explore Golden and Silver Age Batman, CreateSpace, Comixology, Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryBill Finger, Neil Gaiman, letterers that are trying to assassinate Rus, current projects, and so much more!




The Podcave • Episode 1 • Oscar Special

oscarAn Up Late Network Special!

Chris (from the Thank You for Doing This! podcast) and his buddy Chris, get together to preview the Oscars… one month after they actually aired (in fairness this was recorded a week prior to the Academy Awards, but incompetence kept it from being posted until now… sorry).

Join Chris and Chris for 60+ minutes of hilarity in the debut episode of their new ongoing podcast*!

*If they ever make another one…

Thank You for Doing This • J.J. Watt, Top 5 Monologues, and a Fight!

jjThings get HEATED on this week’s episode. After breaking down whatever is going on with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt’s sub-par performance so far, Chris and Pat tackle (see what we did there?) their Top 5 Movie Monologues. We think you’ll find that they’re riveting, electric, engrossing, and all sorts of other over-used superlatives. Then finally, the guys air out their grievances over…something. They’re not sure, but everything seems to work out in the end… OR DOES IT?!

Thank You for Doing This • Episode 9

nflThe 2015 NFL season is upon us, so Chris and Pat strap on the pads with this very special 9th episode of Thank You For Doing This!  Join us as we breakdown every division in the NFL, predict their winners, and tell you which two teams will meet in the Super Bowl in February!  We then move on to our favorite segment, and give you the Top 5 Spin-off Television Shows we want to see made!

This episode is 99% Bane free.


Thank You for Doing This • Episode 6

beerEpisode number 6 of Thank You for Doing This!  Chris and Pat recap a memorable weekend they shared together, that included beers, The Never Ending Story, depressed horses, and copious amounts of gas.  They move on to sports to discuss the annual drama surrounding the New York Jets, the start of the HBO series Hard Knocks, and breakdown the HBO series Ballers.  They finish with their Beers of the Week, chosen from the wide array of beers consumed while watching Atreyu battle the Nothing!  This episode is best paired with Chilean Sea Bass and curried vegetables.

MARTY! • Episode 1

back_to_the_future_poster_01Up Late is expanding! This is the first of two, count ’em, two new podcasts from Rus & Pat: MARTY – Mike And Rus Time, Yeah!  Soon we’ll debut a third podcast series from Pat and his friend Chris, but today, we hope you enjoy MARTY!

MARTY is a podcast about time travel… and stuff. Tick-tock, tick-tock! Rus joins his old friend Mike Fasolo, writer on Robot Chicken and co-host of the podcast Das Process with Ahmed Best. In this first episode, you’ll learn how Mike and Rus met and became friends, hear them discuss time travel in general, the Back to the Future trilogy, and one of Mike’s favorite time travel movies, About Time. 

Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 30

Screenshot 2015-06-12 00.49.15The big three-oh! And two episodes in one week! Topics this episode include the passing of actor, Christopher Lee, the announcement of the casting of the role of Punisher for season 2 of Daredevil, serfdomand of course, tangents-a-plenty. We’ve also got some cool Punisher related stuff on our All-Things-Geek page. Enjoy!

Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 22

caughtIt’s a coming-of-age episode this time around, and while all of our podcast episodes are labeled “Explicit” in the iTunes listing, this one’s particularly NSFW as we start off with a new intro made up of geeky music and soundbites, laced with some juvenile but funny bits that your co-workers might not appreciate, but we hope you will. We then delve into the changes in availability of porn over the decades and how teenage boys have no idea how easy it is to get it now, in contrast to the way it was in the ’80s. Somewhere in there we talk a bit about the masturbatory habits of men versus those of women, proving once again that we know nothing about the human female, the strongest of the genders, but we definitely remember what it’s like to be adolescent boys. We wrap things up with Pat discussing who he’d cast in the ‘Rus & Pat’ film and why, as he dangerously rides that line between friend and stalker.

Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 10

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.16.26Ten whole episodes! This one’s kind of long, so you may want to break it into chunks when you listen. We start off talking about the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, then we get into Star Wars films, which we fell in love with in 1977. Along the way, we somehow diverge into 1980s sci-fi films and the short-lived, early ’80s 3-D movie revival as well as discussing our appreciation for WWII veterans. There is some discussion of plastic surgery, and we make it back around to The Walking Dead before wrapping up with a jumbled mess of sleep-deprived rambling.