Thank You for Doing This • What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

mikeTwo in a row? You’re damn right! After last week’s NFL jock-sniffing extravaganza, Pat and Chris regroup to talk about all the stu….well, at least some of the stuff they watched or read over the past few months, including the 2016 Rio Olympics and the slightly-deniably amazing Michael Phelps, the Emmys, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, Moby Dick (yeah, you read that right), and Game of Thrones. It will be quite painful….FOR YOU!

Thank You for Doing This • Emmys and Beers

emmysWhat’s that?! An escapee from Awards Season? That’s right! The Emmys just happened, and Chris and Pat dive headfirst into the major categories’ winners and losers. Pat gets tested on how much TV he actually watches (spoiler alert: not a lot of the nominated shows), and Chris judges him accordingly. Then, in News That May Be Interesting to Only Us, the boys unpack the potential merger of AB InBev and SABMiller, the world’s two largest breweries, and ask the important questions, like, “How do they get Natty Light to taste so shitty?” All that and more on this week’s first un-numbered episode!