Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 45

spider-man-rhino-comic_0Just over two weeks, and Rus & Pat are back! This is another 2 hour episode, but it’s basically two episodes in one. It starts with a brief discussion of Patrick Warburton and Louis CK, leading into the now-late Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond) which leads into talking about the ’80s show Remington Steele, Pierce Brosnan, and James Bond and Batman films. They then get into who would make a cool villain in the upcoming film Spider-Man • Homecoming. The second half of this episode has the guys talking about personal comics projects they’re working on these days when they should be sleeping (according to doctors — what do they know?).

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Crowdfinders 48 • David Gallaher

photo-originalDavid got to talk with David Gallaher about hard work, process, overcoming epilepsy and illness his upcoming graphic novel, The Only Living Boy.

Be sure to shout out to David on the Twitter @DavidGallaher and shop for all his amazing wares on AMAZON!

More on David Gallaher (from the press release)…

In addition to his work as Chief Creative Officer for Bottled Lightning Inc., Gallaher has written for Marvel Comics, The New York City Police Department, and McGraw-Hill and served as an editor on Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail and Sailor Moon for Kodansha,. For five years shortly after college, he taught in the Maryland Public School System as a special education teacher.

“My experiences as an educator informs so much of THE ONLY LIVING BOY,” said Gallaher. “Growing up can often feel lonely and isolating. As teacher, I saw firsthand how anxiety can haunt children. With this series, I’m exploring how children adapt to adversity. Readers might gravitate to this story because of the exotic and dangerous creatures, but the story will resonate because the characters grapple with issues that kids relate to, like intolerance, self-confidence, and feeling like the odd one out.

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 44

supbatUp Late With Rus & Pat returns!  After two months, Rus and Pat get right back to it and break down the film Ex Machina, the second season of Daredevil on Netflix, and the greatest movie ever created… Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice! Take that, fanboys!

Crowdfinders 47 • Mike Schneider

014David got to talk with Mike Schneider, the innovative anti-artist behind Octal, an anthology of curated comic pitch packets.It’s entertainment, it’s educational, it’s an opportunity, it’s even great design.

Jump in to the world of Octal Right now on the Octal Comics Facebook Group or on the Octal Comics Website.

Thank You for Doing This • 25th Episode!!!

badmanThank You for Doing This! returns after a month.  Chris and Pat quickly make up for lost time and discuss Hulk Hogan (at length), Erin Andrews, and The People vs. OJ Simpson.  We dive into the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer and finish off with a discussion on the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  All this and more on the 25th episode of TYFDT!!

Crowdfinders 46 • Shawnee & Shawnelle Gibbs

Screenshot 2016-03-08 17.35.01David had the pleasure to talk with Shawnee & Shawnelle Gibbs, the twin sisters, and twin creators, of The Invention of EJ Whitaker. These women give killer advice on team building and story creating with a little bit of urban planning thrown in there for good measure. It goes without saying that this episode is NOT TO BE MISSED.

Shout out to the Gibbs sisters on the Twitter @iamEJWhitaker,  and be sure to check out and support their Kickstarter as well!

Crowdfinders 44 • Kwanza Osajyefo

blackcomic-kickstarter1David was so happy to talk with Kwanza Osajyefo, the co-creator of the graphic novel BLACK, which asks the simple question: “What if the world had superheroes but they were only black?“. 

Timed to Black History Month comes a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new independent superhero science fiction original graphic novel BLACK, from Kwanza Johnson p/k/a Kwanza Osajyefo, the former DC Comics Digital Editor who helped launched the company’s Zuda imprint.

The BLACK Kickstarter campaign is live as of February 1st and runs through February 29th. For updates follow BLACK at Twitter, Facebook, and at http://www.blacksuperpowers.com/.

Crowdfinders 43 • Justin Greenwood

stringersDavid had the pleasure of talking with Justin Greenwood, the artist behind The Fuse, published by Image Comics, and Stumptown and Stringers, published by Oni Press.

Shout out to Justin on the Twitter, @jkgreenwood_art, or on Tumblr through JustinGreenwood.

Thank You for Doing This • A Double-Dose of Top Fives!

handChris and Pat triumphantly return (once again) to tackle two incredibly important Top Five topics…Hot on the heels of the Suicide Squad trailer, the guys muse over the size of the shoes that Jared Leto has to fill as the Joker. This served as the catalyst to discuss who should be next in line to perform another iconic comic book hero: Wolverine. Then, in Part 2 (buckle up, it’s a long one), Chris and Pat take turns guessing the plots of TV shows they have never heard of. Trust us, our versions are WAY better.