Thank You for Doing This • J.J. Watt, Top 5 Monologues, and a Fight!

jjThings get HEATED on this week’s episode. After breaking down whatever is going on with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt’s sub-par performance so far, Chris and Pat tackle (see what we did there?) their Top 5 Movie Monologues. We think you’ll find that they’re riveting, electric, engrossing, and all sorts of other over-used superlatives. Then finally, the guys air out their grievances over…something. They’re not sure, but everything seems to work out in the end… OR DOES IT?!

Thank You for Doing This • Emmys and Beers

emmysWhat’s that?! An escapee from Awards Season? That’s right! The Emmys just happened, and Chris and Pat dive headfirst into the major categories’ winners and losers. Pat gets tested on how much TV he actually watches (spoiler alert: not a lot of the nominated shows), and Chris judges him accordingly. Then, in News That May Be Interesting to Only Us, the boys unpack the potential merger of AB InBev and SABMiller, the world’s two largest breweries, and ask the important questions, like, “How do they get Natty Light to taste so shitty?” All that and more on this week’s first un-numbered episode!

Up Late With Rus & Pat • Episode 37

chrisRus and Pat are back!  After nearly a month on hiatus (due to the usual work/life issues) we begin by discussing some of the projects we’ve been working on in favor of sleep.  We move on and talk about the new documentary I Am Chris Farley and then dive into the new Star Trek fan film / pilot episode Star Trek: Renegades ! Join us for this, a boatload of tangents, and an intro that will just not stop!

Up Late with Rus & Pat • Episode 32

kingsmanPat makes time for his special friend Rus this episode, and to begin, Rus addresses the Ghostbusters remake discussion from Pat’s other podcast, Thank You For Doing This. Then it’s on to reviews of two recent Bluray/DVD releases that we both enjoyed and recommend: Kingsman, the Secret Service and Chappie. There are tangents as usual, but all movie and TV related, including “guy flicks” like The Big Red One, Deliverance, and Southern Comfort, and the comedy of Eddie Murphy and the late Chris Farley. As always, we thank you for listening.

Up Late with Rus & Pat – Episode 30

Screenshot 2015-06-12 00.49.15The big three-oh! And two episodes in one week! Topics this episode include the passing of actor, Christopher Lee, the announcement of the casting of the role of Punisher for season 2 of Daredevil, serfdomand of course, tangents-a-plenty. We’ve also got some cool Punisher related stuff on our All-Things-Geek page. Enjoy!