Thank You for Doing This • A Reunion and Reboots!

civilwarThank You For Doing This! returns from hiatus following Chris’s multi-week journey around the world.  He and Pat pick up right where they left off, touching on some TV (Fargo, Jessica Jones), Charlie Sheen’s health dilemma, and Ronda Rousey’s new jawline!  Pat goes on to explain why he’s currently lacking whelm when it comes to the Captain America Civil War Trailer, and Chris returns serve in response to the new footage from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Then it’s time for another Top 5! The boys submit their Top 5 Movie Reboots We Want to See Happen, and then finish it off with some more Star Wars talk and a very special Tina Fey tribute!

Thank You for Doing This • Emmys and Beers

emmysWhat’s that?! An escapee from Awards Season? That’s right! The Emmys just happened, and Chris and Pat dive headfirst into the major categories’ winners and losers. Pat gets tested on how much TV he actually watches (spoiler alert: not a lot of the nominated shows), and Chris judges him accordingly. Then, in News That May Be Interesting to Only Us, the boys unpack the potential merger of AB InBev and SABMiller, the world’s two largest breweries, and ask the important questions, like, “How do they get Natty Light to taste so shitty?” All that and more on this week’s first un-numbered episode!

Thank You for Doing This • Episode 7

bane Thank You For Doing This! comes at you hard and fast in our 7th episode!  Jam-packed with goodness, Chris and Pat breakdown the last two episodes of HBO’s Hard Knocks while channeling their inner-Bane, return to one of their favorite segments with a discussion on their Top Five Movie Deaths and wrap it up with our best Beers of the Week.

And some more Bane.

Thank You for Doing This • Episode 6

beerEpisode number 6 of Thank You for Doing This!  Chris and Pat recap a memorable weekend they shared together, that included beers, The Never Ending Story, depressed horses, and copious amounts of gas.  They move on to sports to discuss the annual drama surrounding the New York Jets, the start of the HBO series Hard Knocks, and breakdown the HBO series Ballers.  They finish with their Beers of the Week, chosen from the wide array of beers consumed while watching Atreyu battle the Nothing!  This episode is best paired with Chilean Sea Bass and curried vegetables.