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C-14LogoRus Wooton and Pat David are two creative types who enjoy chatting and making their podcast Up Late With Rus & Pat while they work. Whether it be comic lettering, web design, illustration, or graphics, they squeeze the most out of every day in order to accomplish their goals. Their podcast is what happened when Pat suggested they record their conversations as they worked late into the night.

Rus Wooton is a comic creator best known for his lettering work on books like THE WALKING DEADSEXBLACK SCIENCE, THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS,  HOWTOONS, THE GUTTERS (webcomic), and countless others over the years from Marvel, Skybound, Image, Dark Horse, Radical, and PLAYBOY. An artist for as long as he can remember, Rus obtained degrees in Fine Arts and Art Education from the University of South Florida, and he’s been lettering comics since early 2003; he draws and writes whenever he can, and his cartoons have appeared in LIFE IN ACTION magazine. Rus is fueled by coffee, spicy Korean noodles, rock ‘n’ roll, and the occasional Dr Pepper.

Pat David is a Web Designer by day and an Illustrator and Cartoonist by night. He’s bounced around the world of small press and indy comics for years, and you can see his work on websites ranging from finance to hockey to his very own Playoff Beard & Fat Vegan (currently on hiatus) as well as on the cover of IDW’s THE OTHER DEAD #5. You can also find and order Pat’s books on Amazon. A graduate from New York City’s famed Pratt Institute, Pat is fueled by coffee, vegetables, and pasta.

Art Links:  Rus @ DeviantArt • Pat @ DeviantArt

What Listeners Are Saying…

All-things Geek Never Sounded So Good!
by FearShop
There are a myriad of podcasts out there that talk all-things geek, but Rus and Pat are the kings of nerdom. These two have an amazing rapport with each other and were made to work together. Well done.

Best Nerds In The Biz
by Craterface
Rus & Pat give a great slice of life in the world of the geek. Their tangents and banter are endlessly facinating and their take on geek culture is fresh and unique. Listen to this podcast or die a horrible death and dwell in the fiery pits of Hell for all enternity!

Being Geeky has never been so cool
by Dunkv66
Rus and Pat are the ultimate companions on your journey in to all things geek. This podcast is an amazing rollercoaster of topics and nerd-tastic tangents. Keep doing what you guys are doing and I will keep listening.